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"We Help Seniors Achieve Technological Freedom!"

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 Mission Statement

Delivering Exceptional Service to Seniors

Seniors "R" Us is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that assists senior citizens to achieve technological freedom.  We work closely with our seniors to ensure they can navigate the internet, email, apps and so much more, while remaining independent in today's world.

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Seniors "R" Us offers an array of free services. Such as help with navigating the internet, emails, vaccination appointments, texting, property tax website help and so much more. With our one-on-one personalized help you can learn at you own pace.  Call us today to receive more information on how we can help you and of the important work that Seniors "R" Us is doing in you area.


By Appointment Only

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Navigation of cellphones, tablets and computers

Help with apps internet and emails

And much more!

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They were prompt and courteous!

Elisabeth M.

She's my angel! 

Debra C.

I have learned so much in a short time! 

K. Richards

They helped me get to my doctor's appointment when it snowed

Beverly W.


They were very professional and thorough! 

Marcy S.

My children and grandchildren wouldn't help me, I'm so glad I found Seniors "R" Us!   

Sandra P.


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